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What is Page 10?
Page 10 is some kind of crazy collaborative webcomic thing. Every tenth page is written and drawn by a new artist using the story that I've created thus far. For that one page, they are given free reign over the events of the comic. Afterwards, I have to continue the comic from the point they left off for nine more pages. The results are unpredictable and highly volatile.

Where did you get this idea?
It's clearly a variation on the Round Robin writing exercise. However, Page 10 was actually inspired by an excellent comic called Flipside, and more specifically, an April Fools stunt pulled over there. I knew it was just a joke, but I thought to myself, "What if?" I was itrigued by thinking where the story would have gone, and decided to try something along those lines.

What do you want from the Tenth Page artists?
There are only a few rules at this point, to keep things more open-ended:
  • Do not make it a porno: I just don't really feel like drawing it. That's all.
  • The "Blowing up the world" clause: You're not allowed to end the comic. There has to be something left when you're through, or else I can't continue the comic.

  • More rules may be added if something goes horribly wrong. Apart from these rules, I also have a few guidelines that Tenth Page artists should consider:
  • Work with what I've created so far. Although the story will take many drastic turns in, I want it to flow, or at least make a little sense.
  • Try to give me enough fuel to last for the next nine pages. If you can take the story in a new direction, that would be excellent.

  • Alex Camelio's tenth page makes a perfect example of what I hope for.

    This looks like fun. Can I make my own comic like this?
    Of course! I think it would be wonderful if others made collaborative comics like this one. Here are a few suggestions:
  • Don't plan ahead. You have no idea what could happen on a guest page, or where it will take the comic.
  • Don't ignore a guest page. If you pretend it was out of the regular continuity and never happened, it completely destroys the purpose of the comic.
  • It would be nice if you would let me draw a guest page!

  • I'm lazy/I suck. Can I make mine a sprite or copy/paste comic?
    I guess that would be okay. This is more an exercise in storytelling than artwork.

    How do I get the Breaker Sword?
    Go to the forest south of Lynthor village. If you've beaten the Ice Golem, the old man who said "Good turnip crop this year!" will now give you an emerald.